All things old become new again. We crafted an immersive e-comm experience for Wolverine, a brand that boasts over 130 years of history and products that have literally bridged generations. Our team dusted off the shoe company so it could target the contemporary consumer, and unpacked their proprietary technologies to create stronger arguments in both the work and lifestyle categories.

Wolverine Homepage


Wolverine has successfully pushed the boundaries of product innovation for far longer than their competitors, but it didn’t have a platform to tell their tech story. We created a stage to showcase the brand’s core technologies through a super modern presentation. We built these pages from the ground up, shooting the products in studio and developing 3D animations.

Wolverine Technologies
Wolverine Shoe


Wolverine has a powerful history that needed to be told, and told well. This is a brand that got its name in 1921 from the Wolverine 1000 Mile — an iconic boot said to “give you 1,000 miles of wear.” We crafted a rich brand history page that takes you on a journey through archival imagery, video, photography and animations. Chronicling this journey from past to present allows the brand to prove its 1000 mile reputation time and time again.

100 Years of Heritage
Wolverine Headquarters
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