A multidisciplinary independent creative agency, we hone in on what makes a brand amazing, and then refine, glorify and exemplify everything it can be.

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Our Story

Alt from the beginning.

Born as a record label, we understand how to create wonder & meaning for brands.

We cut our teeth in the indie world: brand and creative work for Pitchfork, Lollapalooza, bands, music venues, record labels and influential voices in underground culture, where audiences can smell bullshit a mile away.

We’ve channeled that sensibility into building new and legacy brands the world over, helping them find their value, voice and identity through foundational branding, campaigns and strategic resets.



We help brands mean more — deepening their connection to people and expanding their cultural & business value.

truth & authenticity

No one seeks out marketing. But they do love finding truth, authenticity and shared values in the cultures that surround them.


Wonder makes the world go round. Inspire someone and you have a friend for life & stories that won’t be forgotten.


Mythology is the most potent force in our world. It’s the difference between chasing fans and having them chase you.


Community is a litmus test.  Be true to yours, generous, humble and real. Then build it further.


We are independent. Co-ed led & queer-owned.

We're a team of 25: Small enough to care, big enough to serve

A self-governing art gang, we created our business from scratch

Midwest ethics, coastal aesthetics

Hands-on strategy, writing, design, photo, video, music, digital teams

We're an agency, design studio & production studio. And art gallery, apparel brand & record label.

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“Solving business problems, not award problems.” -Mike Donk, Digital Director, Merrell
“Someoddpilot played a pivotal role in propelling our brand to a remarkable milestone. Their creativity and meticulous attention to detail pleasantly exceeded our expectations.” -Danny Mandelbaum – Chief Marketing Officer at Mijenta Tequila
“The team rolls up their sleeves and digs right in. They’re going to work just as hard, if not harder, than you are. And they’re going to make your job immeasurably easier.” -Jamie Kirby – Chaco, Director of Marketing & Creative Director
“Authentic expertise and creativity led to next level brand experiences for our clients and culture.” -Javier Solorio, VP Creative, Independence Pet Group
“An endlessly collaborative partner that takes big chances and continues to accelerate our creative vision.” -John Goodwin, Executive Creative Director, Klaviyo, Patagonia
“Someoddpilot is modernizing our brand with us – connecting us to our roots, defining who we are and why we are here, and positioning us for a robust product calendar.” -Jon Raymer, Sr. Brand Marketing Director, Smith Optics


Annika Welander

Annika Welander

COO, Owner

Annika shapes the strategic vision for Someoddpilot’s portfolio of companies. Spearheading operational strategy, business development, and key partnerships, Annika is responsible for 15x agency revenue growth over the past 15 years. A Crain’s Notable LGTBQ executive and former captain of the Princeton golf team, she brings her wit, leadership, and experience guiding teams to a pointed and effective end goal every day.

Patrick Kelly Collins

Patrick Kelly Collins

Director, Strategy

Patrick leads our strategy and writing disciplines to build purpose-driven consumer brands and compelling campaigns that people actually enjoy. Informed by a graduate degree in gender studies, Patrick is an instinctual storyteller who has designed a branding practice deeply rooted in cultural, societal, and historical contexts. His team prioritizes action and transformation, achieved through flexible and effective work that meets our client’s evolving needs with humor and empathy.

Chris Eichenseer

Chris Eichenseer

CCO, Founder

Chris has played drums in metal bands most of his life. He founded Someoddpilot when he was 25 as a conceptual photographer and album cover designer, growing it into a hyper-collaborative and large creative studio one small step at a time across 25 years. He dreams large and has worked with dozens of indie music artists and many of the world’s leading culture-based brands, shooting iconic imagery, stewarding creative and crafting brand purpose, ethos, and cultural significance across the globe.

Justin Hoot

Justin Hoot

Director, Growth

Justin heads up business strategy and client relations at Someoddpilot. His account and production teams translate business, consumer, and brand goals into cohesive solutions, and ensure the highest standards of creative output, communications, and project management for our brand partners. Justin’s graduate degree in integrated marketing and background in innovative interactive experiences position our clients on the leading edge of all the most relevant consumer channels and touchpoints.

Anton Jeludkov

Anton Jeludkov

Director, Creative

Anton is responsible for molding Someoddpilot’s creative practice, developing rich brand identities and marketing campaigns with a sharp perspective. His graduate degree in fine arts shapes his multidisciplinary approach – one that blends formal design thinking with experimental and digital-forward solutions. Leading our design, photo, and video teams, he orchestrates a workflow that is deeply collaborative and iterative, resulting in a worldbuilding process that inspires wonder.

Working with us

Working together for over a decade, our leadership group has built a practice of deep trust and collaboration.

We approach each client relationship with gratitude and grounded focus on the task at hand. We’re addressing business needs, yes, but we’re also deep inside a creative process with our clients.

Together we shape a space that’s fearless, respectful, and definitely a good time.

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