A Story to Run With

One of the oldest American footwear brands, Saucony has set the pace for running shoe design since 1898. As Saucony’s digital agency, we work tirelessly to hone their web and social presence for faster, slicker, more immersive experiences.

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A Site To Go
The Distance


We created a site that uses a modern and minimalist aesthetic to highlight their advanced tech and design focus. Integrated within the e-comm site is the ability to highlight their editorial presence by telling stories that are flexible enough to allow for a variation of content, but consistent enough to create a holistic experience for users.

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The Runner's Blog

To showcase the performance-oriented brand’s rich editorial content, we designed a blog that could give users an immediate view of the variety without feeling cluttered. The flexibility of the page allows Saucony’s rich content to take many forms without being restricted to a single shape or size. And to broaden the blog’s reach, we turned sharing tools into focal points.

Saucony Blog Site
Saucony Blog Site
Saucony Blog Site

Crushing Miles and Beers

Saucony Originals

Following our launch of their e-commerce site, we journeyed to Saucony’s headquarters in Boston to investigate their first ever brand history. Charged with exclusively using found assets, we dug through boxes of archival ads and catalogues, watched old VHS tapes, and conducted personal interviews with well-known marathoners and early employees. Through a full brand video and immersive web experience, we were revealed that the story of Saucony is inseparable from the history of modern running.

Vintage Photograph of Runners
Saucony Originals Shoe
Saucony Originals Shoe
Athlete Rod Dixon
Saucony Originals Site
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