Sleeping Village

Sleeping Village

A New Neighborhood Spot

Part bar, part venue, part coffee shop, part workspace—Sleeping Village is a hybrid space organized by the creators of the the much loved Logan Square staple, The Whistler. With a staggering assortment of beers & ciders, daytime hours with coffee, and a 300 person venue supporting a steady stream of local and popular music artists—Sleeping Village is more than just a bar, it's a community hub with something for everyone.

Wide shot of the interior of Sleeping Village in the daytime
Design inspiration for Sleeping Village's brand identity

The logo drew inspiration from Avondale’s low-density industrial infrastructure. The logo references the understated metallic signs found throughout the neighborhood’s vintage factory exteriors. Playful rotation of the characters allows the logo to rotate vertically without sacrificing legibility.

Minified logo of Sleeping Village nameDetail shot of logo in use on a menu
Closeups of Sleeping Village's interior spaceCloseups of Sleeping Village's interior space
Detail shot of menu and coasters with SV logo in use
Detail shot of glasses with mini SV logo on it

We developed a set of templated print materials that are easy to iterate and to produce on-demand with little more than a laserjet printer. This modest system is as aesthetic as it is functional, complimenting the overall feel for Sleeping Village.

Examples of GT Haptik Bold, Mrs. Eaves Roman, Mrs. Eaves Small Caps used in SV's design identityThe Black Sabbath lyrics that Sleeping Village's name originates from
Lineup of various Sleeping Village flyers promoting music eventss
SV menu inside shotShot of SV's interior decor
Shot of beer showcasing SV logo on glass

Sleeping Village is just as much a day-time spot as it is a late-night hangout. We played with this theme in the design of the website by introducing color shifts that correspond with the time of day or night.

Sleeping Village homepage, designed and developed by Someoddpilot
Shot of SV bar
Shot of SV stage & venue area
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