The Voice of Music

Long before they were acquired by media giant Condé Nast, Pitchfork was a small DIY operation just a stone’s throw from our first office. We shared zip codes, some good friends, and a huge passion for all things music; the fact that our two companies would work together seemed inevitable. So we stepped in to give Pitchfork a brand refresh, a new logo, and a much stronger digital presence.

Pitchfork Logo
Pitchfork Logo With Text
Pitchfork TV Logo
Pitchfork TV Logo
Pitchfork TV Logo
Pitchfork Live Logo


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Logo Sketch
upward momentum
movement, activism
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male + female
universality, humanity
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lifting force,
movement, power
Pitchfork Festival Crowd

Web Design

As Pitchfork’s reputation and content output continued to grow, their .com wasn’t able to keep up. So we designed and built a brand new site with an editorial structure that made more sense for the expanding indie company. Although the new site was bursting with best-in-class music reviews, clean designs and a reader-optimized information hierarchy made it incredibly easy to read and navigate.

Pitchfork Site

Growing Reach

We’re proud to have worked with Pitchfork at such a formative time in their history, and we look forward to watching them soar to new heights. We’re still thrilled to spot the mark flying proudly over Pitchfork Music Festival or on the masthead of The Pitchfork Review—it has become a cornerstone of a cultural movement. Who would have thought a little pitchfork could lift a brand to such lofty heights?

Pitchfork Flag
Pitchfork Buttons
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