Bedding for Dreamers

In our fast-paced, career-driven culture, a good night’s sleep is something we take for granted (almost as much as what we are sleeping on). So three generations of women turned their sleep issues into a sustainable solution: an eco-friendly line of bamboo bedding that guarantees healthier, happier nights.

We positioned Ocochi in an eco-luxury space to stand out in a market saturated with DTC disruptors that all look and sound the same. We built a brand platform around superior craftsmanship, the transformative power of sleep, and preserving the planet for future generations.

Design of Ocochi’s new font (or typeface?) and tagline: Bedding for Dreamers
Toddler in her nursery, outside her crib, smiling as she is holding her beloved Ocochi blanket.

The visual identity conveys Ocochi’s organic materials, the simplicity of the production process, and an overall sense of tranquility. We avoided literal icons in favor of a more subtle, elegant approach, incorporating nature-inspired elements within the logo and in a set of patterns that live across the fabrics and packaging.

Ocochi fabric swatch, featuring a nine-pointed white star against a blue background and Ocochi fabric swatch that resembles bamboo, with yellow lines against a green background.
Stack of Ocochi decorative pillows featuring green, white, and blue designs.
Ocochi’s new brand guidelines booklet, featuring their updated fonts, primary and secondary colors.

We rooted the eco-friendly brand’s messaging in “Bedding for Dreamers”—a tagline that succinctly threads together the product and consumers in a refined, aspirational way. The larger communication strategy ties the earth-friendly products with the people who create them, from the close-knit family of founders to the family-run manufacturers who share their values on sustainability.

Eco-friendly product packaging and new monograph logo, which uses a sun and crescent moon to mimic the O and C from Ocochi.
Ocochi bedding in its eco-friendly packaging, sitting on top of a made bed, which features Ocochi sheets.

We rounded off the brand imagery with lifestyle photography showing interactions with the products and experiencing them in uniquely styled environments. Lifestyle images highlight product benefits such as being hypo-allergenic and gentle on sensitive skin.

A French bulldog sits on the edge of a bed that is made with Ocochi sheets and bedding.
Close-up of an Ocochi pillow and its textured fabric.
Woman folds a set of Ocochi sheets on top of a stack of two pillows.
A border collie half-snoozes on a bed made with Ocochi sheets.
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