Run For Good

Platform & Rebrand

Right half: Run for Good & Saucony logo lock up. Left half: A running group rounds the corner of a building against an city background.


We worked with Saucony to develop a brand platform and rebrand to help the heritage running brand mean more in an increasingly crowded industry. To get a place on the podium, Saucony had to carve out a lane between the behemoth multi-sport mega-brands and newcomer trend brands. Instead of trying to beat them on spend or scale, we lead with authenticity and purpose.

A woman smiles, mid-run. Three runners hit the trails in wooded nature. Text reads: One good run leads to another.


Saucony, as the original running brand and the only one dedicated solely to running, can own running and everything it stands for. What does running stand for? Goodness. No matter why you run, running is bringing goodness. If there is a call to action for the sport, it’s simply this: Run for Good.

While the world is obsessed with greatness, “Run for Good” taps into an emotional truth: that good is good enough– it’s real, sustainable and true. In fact, it’s revolutionary. In today’s sports culture, being “good” is unheard of. Good performance? It's about the humanity of reaching your goals, not just data and optimization. Good products? It's about solving real problems with good innovation, not gimmicks. Good sportsmanship? Let’s bring it back. Let’s run...for good.

A man runs down a concrete ramp. Saucony's three boulders are in the bottom right. Text reads: Saucony: Run for Good
Legendary Saucony runners are in 3 frames, mid-run or mid-celebration. Text reads: Loyal to the sport since 1898


“Someoddpilot is fun, smart, creative and fast.
A good match for our brand.”
Don Lane,
Saucony Chief Marketing Officer

Sales growth of YOY delivered by the intergrated marketing plan.


eCommerce sales.


Improved brand awareness and increased social followers.


Reestablished Saucony as a leader in run speciality and running innovation

Runner's World Editors' Choice Logo


We brought Run for Good to life through a complete brand refresh including a new primary logo lockup, tightened visual identity, and punchier voice and tone. Elevating red as the primary color builds equity and modernizes the heritage brand, while documentary style photography authentically brings our target consumers into frame. Messaging is honest, clever, and accessible—conveying the goodness of finishing a 5K or downing a beer in runners’ terms.

Runner pics pop up on a world map. Text reads: “Help us run around the world! 34 countries. 6 continents. Endless good runs!”Runner pics pop up on a world map. Text reads: “Help us run around the world! 34 countries. 6 continents. Endless good runs!”
Design of Saucony's 3 Boulders: Good Performance, Good Health, and Good Communities, represented by the 3 dots in the Saucony logo.
Three select pages of Saucony's Brand Guidelines displayed on three separate iPads.
A printed version of the Brand Guidelines is propped up, while open pages from it are spread out across a white background.
More example pages from the Brand Guidelines are opened across 3 seperate books.
Examples of "Run for Good" rebranding across magazines, websites, social media content, stickers, business cards, and more.

Run for Good Relay

On Global Running Day, we launched the platform through the Run for Good Relay – an Instagram-based activation that challenged people in 35 countries running a single mile for charity.

iphone casing
iphone casing
Runner pics pop up on a world map. Text reads: “Help us run around the world! 34 countries. 6 continents. Endless good runs!”
More content from the "Run for Good Relay", including posters, Instagram stories, stickers, and the landing page.

Extending the Brand

With the foundation laid, we evolved the brand identity to work across the brand’s disparate territories and product launches, ensuring that a “red thread” is woven through every asset for consistency. Every season, we develop an external suite of multifaceted brand assets for digital, social, and retail that are adopted universally by each global market. The branded content is now visually distinct but cohesive, inspire runners to act on the call to action and pack goodness into their lives.

iphone casing
iphone casing
Triumph17 with lifestlye images and soft bubble graphics
Triumph print ad and the PWRRUN website
PWRUN+ ads advertising that it's “28% Lighter”
Lifestyle imagery including the sole of a shoe and a woman breathing cold air
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