Your brand should mean more

Annika Welander
2 min

The best way to expand your brand’s cultural and business value is by deepening its natural connection to people. To do this, you need to put your brand’s unique narrative on a pedestal. Through visual and verbal worldbuilding, you can craft and codify a fully-realized identity that will capture the hearts of your audience. How to start?

uncover your hidden gems

Your brand contains an authentic truth. To find it, you need to identify, extract, and refine the qualities that make your brand real, unique and emotional — the history, culture, values, and stories buried beneath the surface. Take the unpolished gem that makes you “you” and shape it into something multifaceted, beautiful, and limitless. What are the unshakable truths, the base elements of your organization?

sharpen your perspective

Who are you and why are you here? Like a person, your brand needs to be able to answer those questions to command love and loyalty and leave a lasting impression. Build a brand that has a notable point of view born out of your core values and expressed through a distinct look, feel, and message. How does your brand approach the world differently than any other organization?

build your brand mythology

One of the most potent forces on earth, myth shapes cultures, beliefs, and identities. To harness this power, you should approach branding as an exercise in character development: create the visual and written layers – the rich identity – out of which you can pull a multitude of naturally interconnected stories. New leadership tends to want to scrap existing IP – instead, build on it, remix it over time. What valuable stories and assets are sitting around waiting to be dusted off?

Let’s make your brand mean more.