What to do with your website in 2024

Chris Eichenseer
2 min read

TL;DR: You can have the best of both worlds: a robust “.com” and a fluid social presence with only a single work stream. Hard not to love that.

The debate over where to invest time - in an owned website property (your brand site) or on someone else’s platform (IG, LI, FB) has raged on for years. Like our clients, we’re torn. No one spends time on our sites the way they do social (why would they), but leaving our websites to die on the vine is not an option. So what to do?

make it work for both

When designing our recent site, we chose to approach it through the lens of the social content we were pumping out weekly. Our newest work was so much easier to put up on IG compared to our old website. Why? Simple user tools, restrictive formats, low word counts and no need to contact a developer were high on the list. Why not imitate that? Why not structure the site so we could simply re-implement our Instagram assets?

Scrolling through pictures and video is something we all clearly love to do, so we opted for creative showcases – max imagery and video, minimal copy – over traditional case studies. Slim it down. Make it effortless to build a new showcase (or add to an existing) the moment a project wraps. Simple input fields, no customization, let the pictures do the work.

excite now, dig in later

In our business, nothing is going to happen without an excellent phone call or meeting. Human-to-human contact. A great idea, a great connection. So give a taste of the story, and present the rest in person. A relationship business is built on more time together, so let’s aim for that.

As a creative studio, touch, experience and taste are important. We kept the content simple and premium while making the interactions lush and interesting. Our team is capable of making anything, so showing restraint while building a remarkable experience is paramount.

mobile is first, everything else is second

On your phone or desktop, it’s the same - the “social first” strategy means it's ready-made for a lovely mobile experience. To emphasize that, even the navigation is exactly the same size, placement, and functionality no matter the device. We love that simplicity.

The always-on nature of social media by now has embedded itself into how every business behaves. Leveraging that to your advantage makes all the sense in the world and can be seen as a top priority to streamline your digital communications. Getting it right is too – the devil is always in the details – so execution is incredibly important. You can have the best of both worlds: a robust .com and a fluid social presence that reinforce each other with only a single work stream. It’s hard not to love that.