How to sprint for brand growth

Annika Welander
2 min

Your brand can ride the natural currents of transformation by getting ahead of cultural shifts, identifying opportunity space in the market, and embracing new audiences. Through a few focused sprints on brand positioning, consumer strategy, and the quick creation of a marketing action plan, you’ll be effortlessly positioned to catch the next wave of growth. Here are some tips for effective strategy sprints:

find story in your data

You need a partner that functions as the screenwriter for the story of your business. They should be able to fully immerse in your organization, your industry, and your consumer’s subculture. Work with them to find hidden truths within the data, and take joy in sketching out the stories that make your brand, products, and services more emotionally resonant. Remember: If it’s boring to you, it’s boring to everyone.

trust your instincts

Tap into your intuitive sense of where your brand should be headed. Partner with culturally-fluent, in-the-mix researchers, and facilitate their swift collection, synthesis, and essentialization of data. Great strategists know which corners to turn, when to go deeper, and when to pivot. Pair their rigorous processes with your hard-earned intuition to make decisions with confidence. That feeling in your gut is correct.

prioritize action

Strategy is only as powerful as the people activating it. A great partner will transform your insights into plans, plans into actions, and actions into results. They’re eager to implement strategy with speed, and they’ll identify the shortest path from idea to execution within your organization. They’ll make sure you deliver an actionable blueprint (that your team can execute against), instead of a long-winded, lifeless report.

It's worth investing the time to position yourself for the next wave of opportunity.