Case Study

Capturing new consumers for golf’s favorite legacy brand

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the opportunity

FootJoy’s century on the course has made them synonymous with golf. With a huge surge of interest and new entrants during the pandemic, the sport became a lightning rod for conversations about inclusion and accessibility, especially relating to women. As a leader in the industry, FootJoy felt a responsibility to understand how to better serve their female consumer base. They knew that if they led the charge, other brands would follow.

FootJoy tapped us to expand their consumer strategy and modernize their brand and marketing efforts through female-centric investments and initiatives. We led an expansive quantitative consumer segmentation and qualitative immersion study to identify FootJoy’s ideal female target segments, and to get to know these women personally. Using this data, we repositioned the legacy brand to strengthen its commitment to its evolving consumer base, while leveraging their value as a long-established player in the game.

the outcome

The FootJoy female audience proved to be diverse and complex. In narrowing in on two segments that represented the most opportunity for the brand, we developed actionable strategies to invite women in, respecting them as the real athletes they are.

Key research and recommendations were developed into buy-in presentations for senior leadership, and ultimately into an actionable playbook to guide the internal team on how to give female golfers the attention and tools they deserve. The document outlines the consumer segments and includes ways to reach them in a manner that’s authentic to FootJoy.

The project resulted in a company-wide strategy shift that allowed the brand to reach and resonate with their new target segments via the way they brief-in their product development team, how they write, cast, and direct creative, and how they allocate budget across channels. With FootJoy’s new dual-gender commitment, they’re set up to shape the future of the sport.

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