Fit For Adventure

Back in 1989, a river guide in Colorado decided to use his spare bedroom as a design studio. His mission: create sandals that could actually handle the slick surfaces of kayaks and the sharp rocks of the riverbed. The thoughtful designs gained a loyal following and Chaco quickly became ubiquitous among serious outdoorsmen (and women). More than 25 years later Someoddpilot is helping the brand leave its unmistakable tanlines on feet all around the world via a complete visual rebrand, ecomm restructuring, product and lifestyle photography, and digital strategy.

Chaco Sandal

Gen-Z Leads the Way

Introducing generation Z, Chaco’s newest fervent fanbase. These campers and festival-goers are innately accustomed to sharing content and customizing their experiences via technology. So when crafting Chaco’s digital presence, we made user-submitted photos a primary focus on the e-comm site and developed the "MyChacos" app so individuals can customize their sandals and create their own Chaco adventures.

Chaco Outdoor Photoshoot
Chaco Outdoor Photoshoot
Chaco Outdoor Photoshoot
Chaco Outdoor Photoshoot


In addition to gen‑Z, Chaco has a serious fanbase that serves as self-nominated brand ambassadors. We created the “Chaco‑sphere” as a digital space for these Chaconians to share their adventures directly on the homepage, thereby socializing the shopping process. By crafting a large presence for photo sharing and the blog, we encouraged brand ownership of major site real estate traditionally occupied by marketing messages.

Chaco Instagram


In the era of on‑demand services, oferring customizable Chacos is the perfect way to monetize customer desires. We designed and developed an easy-to-use tool called MyChacos; it lets Chaconians quickly customize designs and provides realistic visuals throughout the process. Chaconians can now easily create a personalized pair of sandals and share pictures of their one-of-a-kind designs.

MyChacos Logo
MyChacos Tablet Site
MyChacos Desktop Site

Chaco X Grateful Dead

Chacos are crazy durable sandals, so it makes sense that they are a staple of the festival culture. When the Grateful Dead reunited in 2015 for three sold‑out shows in Chicago, Chaco opened a pop‑up shop to sell their limited edition collaborative line of sandals. We concepted, created, and marketed the experience, complete with a takeaway zine and in‑store projections. The store was a success, building strategically off of the buzz from such a significant show.

Chaco Grateful Dead Poster
Grateful Dead and Chaco Pop Up Shop Storefront
Grateful Dead and Chaco Pop Up Shop Storefront

Digital Partners

Chaco X Someoddpilot

Chaco’s serious fan base was the driving design motivation when we launched Chaco’s completely new e‑commerce site that seamlessly united product with consumer-led lifestyle. We knew it was important that these fans were as free to navigate the site as they were to run rapids.

Chacos Website Homepage
Chaco Website Mobile

Strap Adjuster

As the brand has evolved, so has the reliable craftsmanship and biomechanic technology that makes the sandals so remarkably comfortable and secure. We answered the brand’s lingering issue of how to digitally demonstrate the strap adjustment process to consumers by creating the Strap Adjuster, an app that uses illustrated GIFs to provide no‑nonsense fit tutorials and ensure a ‘perfect fit.’

Chaco Sandal with Adjustable Strap Illustration

Do It All

With Outcross, we were tasked with showcasing a collection of shoes that spanned across all consumer demographics. And we had to do so on a singular editorial page. To differentiate each pair while simultaneously unifying them, we reinterpreted a traditional product gallery. We used nature inspired elements to indicate the appropriate activities for each shoe, resulting in a page as versatile as the collection itself.

Chacos Outcross Desktop Site
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